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Hi, I'm Amy.

Hoopdance is my passion. I have devoted countless hours to perfecting my craft. During my first year hooping I was nominated for ‘New Hooper of the Year’ on the world’s top hooping website, , (check that out here!) and won a scholarship to ‘The Hooping Academy’ from  It was a very exciting year for me! A few years later, I linked up with another performer, Madision McBurney and formed Hustletown Hoopers, and we won 'Hoop Performance Group of the Year'. Together we built a company called 'Mad About Hoops', which teaches Hooping, Yoga and Circus arts to students all over the country. In addition to performing, co-owning a hula hoop empire, I am also a mommy to two little hoopers in training. 


Today, I spin multiple LED smart hoops which leave amazing patterns in the night sky. I am also an insured fire performer. I work with a variety of props in addition to hoops, including but not limited to fans, poi, levitation wand, dragon staff and more! Currently working on perfecting my stilt act, so stay tuned for that soon! 


Follow me on facebook at

Instagram : @AmyNeelHoopDance






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